Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Rose Chan - her memory still goes strong

A story of a famous theatrical icon back in the sixties.

True as the saying goes, a rose by any other name wouldn't sound as sweet. In this context the matter of sweetness or adorableness is far fetched as one might perceive it to be. Rose Chan as it goes, happens to be this kindly lass who happened to be in a very upbeat life in the small town of Malacca (Malaysia - back then it was known as Malaya).As it turned out to be, Rose (presumably her showname) was into the performing arts and chose to do so with the barest of essentials ie. clothes. Her act was the exotic art of strip teasing. One might question the sanity of the author of this post, but merely brush it off as the rantings of a madman, but my fair readers I kid you not when I relate the tale of this famous show icon of the sixties to you.

According from sources which are either too old or already joining the peaceful companionship of St. Peter or Lucifer (watching strip teases are still a sin regardless of the state of mind of the sinner!!! :) Rose's act was performed in the confines of City Park which was back then near to the Malacca river. The exact location of the premises have yet to be confirmed but based on research and hearsay from firsthand witnesses/patrons of the park, it was once located where the old Rex theatre was erected. The "theme park" as it was called back then was the centre of attention of the gloomy state of Malacca whose only source of entertainment was the latest gossips or scandals spread and rumored by elderly ladies of the peranakan (straits-chinese) people. Being a cheerful and rowdy lot at times, their antics were nonetheless quite humorous at times as it was always being at somebody elses expense. The theme park consisted of a theatre and a few premises where young men with their hormones raging could actually "change the situation at hand"

The procedure of witnessing the event was simple, buy a ticket for a movie which ussually costed 75 cents and just go in. There would be a not-too-eager employee inside collecting and additional charge for the extra show by the abovementioned artiste later in the show. As the patrons were settling down, the lights will be turned down and the projector would start with the non-existence of color and quality. All these mattered not to the patrons of the theatre as they were there to witness a different show. A show that would put good ol' traditional values to shame and testosterone levels into overdrive. Halfway into the movie (which ussually either was a scary thriller or even cowboy-indian adventure flick) The besotted lady would then walk on-stage wearing loose hanging clothes or even a sexy number at times. Much to the delight of the "gentlemen" in the house, she will slowly dance and twirl herself on stage to some music played by a record player. Amidst the hoots and howls of the men below, she would slowly take of an article of clothing in due time... this was to repeat itself until she was left in nothing else short of the bare essentials of covering her much famed body parts.

In between wolf-cries and whistles, the men would encourage her to take off all her clothes by promising monetary rewards if she did so. Some even went to the extent of throwing money onto the stage. In due time, our nice little lass from a small village somewhere would take off all her clothes to the ravaging eyes of the earlier-well behaved men. Her body was not goddess-like or being voluptuous in that sense, but the men were satisfied as at that point of time they were already fixated on her slow-gyrating body. To most of these men, this was actually the first time they actually witnessed a naked woman before their very eyes.

Then came the grand finale, our slender little miss would then light a cigarette and while dancing inhale the smoke. To many people of that era, smoking for women was considered a taboo and to most of these men, the taboo became a turn-on when it was acted out by Rose herself. She would then bend back over a chair and take the cigarette ( with it's mouth-guard and place it between her nether regions ( no kidding ) and then continue to simulate the slow inhaling process. This act stunned many of the first timers as it was completely beyond comprehension. Scientifically, the incident can happen if a woman has over-developed pelvic muscles enabling her to literally "suck" using her vagina. This can be obtained by rigorous Kegel's exercises. Many have deemed this ability as "kumutation" and will readily agree upon the chances of these incidences happening.

.... to be continued